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the project:

Crushing is a multi-media series of monologues that explores the messiness of romantic love, and was created by a team of artists in their 20s and 30s. We selected these nine monologues from dozens that were submitted from around the globe, from Berlin to Sydney to Nairobi to Oakland. Through nine original monologues, a wide range of emotional truths and experiences will be brought to life. The work exists predominantly in the shape of a live performance in New York City in April 2023; the pieces will also be memorialized in a literary magazine, and explored in more depth through a short documentary film set for early 2024 release. We believe these stories add important nuance to the streamlined romcoms and glossy social media posts that leave out many people’s lived experiences. For as universal a phenomenon as romantic love is, we seem to have shockingly few vulnerable stories that make us feel less alone in it all.

The project is helmed by Carly Steyer, Natachi Onwuamaegbu, and Megan Calfas. 

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